cost management

Calculating, comparing, controlling

Our systematic cost controlling ensures the transparent representation of the construction costs during all phases of the project. The status of the budget is thus always reliably and can be used as a basis for controlling and decision-making.

That is our goal:

  • reliable cost certainty
  • targeted risk minimisation

That is how we achieve it:

  • transparent depiction of construction costs
  • continuous planned/actual comparisons
  • effective control mechanisms
  • regular extrapolation of costs as of the end of construction


    Informing, structuring, documenting

    A common electronic platform allowing communication and the exchange of documents creates more transparency and efficiency of cooperation between all parties involved in the project.

    That is our goal:

    • unbroken flow of information
    • efficient cooperation

    That is how we achieve it:

    • joint project-specific platform
    • systematic storage and technical compatibility
    • central access to project data and plans
    • long-term documentation and archiving


      Assessing, networking, procuring

      Purchasing plays a central role for mutual success. With our networked purchasing structure inside the company, we combine local market knowledge with strategic, cross-project approaches.

      That is our goal:

      • the best and most economical supplier or subcontractor at the right time

      That is how we achieve it:

      • cross-regional and regional market exploration
      • team-oriented networking when it comes to procurement processes
      • early awarding of contracts while applying highest standards
      • fair code of ethics

      risk management

      Identifying, assessing, monitoring

      New discoveries and surprises are not uncommon in complex projects. Construction partnering provides a framework to respond faster and more flexibly to new influence factors. Conventional contracts offer hardly any incentives.

      That is our goal:

      • warding off negative influences from the project
      • reinforcing those factors that promote success

      That is how we achieve it:

      • joint opportunities and risks workshop
      • profound determination of opportunities and risks
      • transparent C&R negotiations with “open books”
      • precise handling and controlling strategies


      Simulating, optimising, benefiting

      BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and is a pioneering method in optimising the project, planning, and construction processes. It is based on a computerised, virtual building model and allows a three-dimensional object-oriented approach for the realisation of the project.

      That is our goal:

      • model-based ensuring of buildability
      • optimised management of construction processes

      That is how we achieve it:

      • 5D® models (BIM = Building Information Modelling)
      • efficient data usage from planning to documentation
      • joint application of BIM within the scope of 5D®

      climate, environment and energy

      Design, build and operate environmentally friendly

      teamconcept implements sustainable technologies to reduce the consumption of resources by up to 90% for new construction as well as reconstruction. We implement these goal by energy-saving technologies, conscious use of daylight, improved building automation and selection of sustainable construction materials.

      That is our goal:

      • generate, plan and implement tailored solutions to protect climate and environment and save energy

      That is how we achieve it:

      • future-proof concepts
      • feasibility studies
      • impact analysis
      • cost evaluation

      lean construction

      Informing, cooperating, perfecting

      It involves the optimisation of cost, quality and punctuality in construction projects. The aim is to increase customer satisfaction through optimal added value.

      That is our goal:

      • optimal added value
      • minimisation of waste

      That is how we achieve it:

      • binding lean principles and lean tools
      • early information and qualification of partners
      • short-cycle monitoring of contracted services
      • continuous joint improvement process

      team culture

      Focussing, articulating, respecting

      In a working environment that is characterised by mutual respect and mutual recognition, the team develops innovations and delivers results at the highest level. Open and honest communication is essential for this.

      That is our goal:

      • competent, innovative teams
      • motivating working environment

      That is how we achieve it:

      • shared values and principles
      • clear responsibilities
      • open communication on all levels
      • joint team seminar

      conflict resolution

      Addressing, resolving, cooperating

      In difficult situations, disputes must be clarified, either immediately or in any case, at least timely. This also requires compromises that not everyone nescessarily agrees with, but which can be accepted by all.

      That is our goal:

      • open communication of problems
      • conflict resolution

      That is how we achieve it:

      • binding code of conduct
      • internal conflict resolution
      • solution-oriented error culture

      time scheduling

      Determining, adhering, ensuring

      Aim is adherence to the scheduled execution dates. Complex construction projects with numerous interfaces are structured in a building operationally way by experts in the process planning/AV stage, and the sequences matched chronologically to each other. Competent monitoring of the planning and execution processes, as well as the creation of target/actual comparisons allow for timely assessment of the performance requirements.

      That is our goal:

      • adherence to schedules and deadline transparency throughout the whole of the project

      That is how we achieve it:

      • solid planning of sequences with regard to both time and content
      • continuous updating and optimisation of the schedule
      • consistent monitoring of the contracted services
      • intensive exchange of information among those involved in the project

      design & engineering

      Strengthening, supplementing, supporting

      The comprehensive experts and support team from the departments of the Zentrale Technik stand available throughout the entire construction process – starting with the acquisition phase, quotation processing, implementation planning and right through to execution. The benefits of these services is consistent value engineering.

      That is our goal:

      • know-how transfer into the project
      • planning support in all service fields

      That is how we achieve it:

      • preparatory design coordination
      • tailored solutions for all kinds of construction challenges
      • interdisciplinary solving of optimisation tasks


      Preventing, protecting, imparting

      Our ultimate goal is in accordance with our respective teamconcept partners to carry out building projects without compromising safety, health and the environment through preventive planning and proactive measures.

      That is our goal:

      • paramount safety in all project phases

      That is how we achieve it:

      • safety-relevant risk analysis
      • preventive protection and safety systems
      • thorough consulting and monitoring

      quality assurance

      Inspecting, optimising, accompanying

      Through a tailored, proven approach and accurate quality preplanning, we realise an equitable, economic and timely implementation of the joint construction project.

      That is our goal:

      • assurance of construction quality

      That is how we achieve it:

      • systematic checking and evalution of the design
      • targeted selection of subcontractors and suppliers
      • monitored execution with the help of quality-based checklists

      facility management

      Consulting, conceptualising, connecting

      After just a few years, the ongoing operating costs of real estate and facilities exceed their investment costs. Therefore it is necessary, as early as possible, to involve a competent facility management partner in the construction project. Thus, decisions that determine the significant future operating costs, can be made directly in the planning phase.

      That is our goal:

      • efficient operation of a building
      • sustainable utilisation concepts

      That is how we achieve it:

      • object-specific requirements analysis and design
      • differentiated scenarios regarding operating costs
      • efficiently bundled maintenance bids

      design coordination

      Reviewing, integrating, coordinating

      Optimal planning is the backbone of every project. It provides the basis for a well-thought-out, economic and flawless implementation at the construction site. It ensures quality in accordance with the fundamentals of the contract, helps in advising the developer and takes their ideas into consideration.

      That is our goal:

      • smooth construction process that takes account of the client’s requirements

      That is how we achieve it:

      • central coordination and management of all design processes
      • determination of uniform guidelines for all planners
      • inspections regarding functionality, profitability and adherence to regulations